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CHEXS is a registered charity (Registered charity number 1153769)

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CHEXS Team Building Residential

Team Building Residential including Induction Day

The residentials are for young people CHEXS have previously worked with through other projects and gives them the opportunity to change their attitudes towards their future and gain the confidence to have aspirations and goals that are achievable.

Involves the young people taking part in activities that allows them to get to know each other and the staff whilst building trust and gaining an understanding of the group expectations.  

The aim of the project is to improve the young people’s self-reliance and engagement in teamwork, whilst raising their confidence and self-esteem, by encouraging them to experience different activities and environments. To motivate and challenge the groups a points system is used as an incentive and development tool. Points are awarded for team ethics in tasks, activities and duties as well as young people showing supportive roles in the groups.

The week is aimed at providing a stimulating, challenging environment in which the young people can discover the experience of stepping outside of their comfort zone to accomplish and achieve in a field they would not normally try. The tasks/activities were a combination of different levels of ease and are aimed at pushing the young people to new limits of personal abilities. Activities include camping, hiking, assault course, go-karting and knee-boarding.

The week completes with an awards ceremony where the achievements of the young people are celebrated with medals and certificates being presented.

Quotes from some of the Young People who have previously attended:

CHEXS helped me come out of my comfort zone and build my stamina.SB Aged 14
CHEXS has helped me massively realise how hard it is for some people and it has helped me gain confidence.ZK Aged 14
I understand that rules are in place as you could get hurt if you don’t do them. I have realised that I think I would like a job where I help other people.SC Aged 14
CHEXS helped me as a whole person. How to deal with difficult situations and how to communicate with others without shouting or screaming.CG Aged 15
I improved my teamwork as we all had to work together and have realised that I have to work hard to achieve what I want.BF Aged 14
I understand why rules are in place as CHEXS didn’t tell me off, were calm and explained it so I understood I know I want to work outside too now.DB Aged 14
I will take away with me confidence in doing new things and trying new activities. CHEXS has helped me massively realise how hard it is for some people and it has helped me gain confidence.BS Aged 14


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