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CHEXS is a registered charity (Registered charity number 1153769)

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CHEXS Services & Activities

CHEXS is an award winning charity that works with schools and agencies within Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. CHEXS offers targeted support to families, children and young people with low confidence and self – esteem attributed to low academic attainment. Although not specifically targeted at deprived households many come from families with entrenched unemployment and/or reliance on benefits, which we have found may lead to low aspiration in children.

CHEXS addresses issues associated with low self-confidence and self-esteem including; challenging behaviour, anger management and poor communication skills to improve future outcomes.

CHEXS provides family support to both parents and children in the home; school or a safe place within the local area.  Our focus is on giving every child the opportunity to blossom within their family, school and community. CHEXS work at universal, emerging need and targeted levels, undertaking direct interventions with children, young people and families where appropriate on one to one or group basis.

CHEXS provides children and young people with support outside of the school curriculum via outdoor experiences. Team building and volunteering projects incorporate the use of many natural materials and peer mentoring provides raised confidence and self- esteem. The aim is to increase skills and resilience for the future. Some projects culminate in a residential programme to consolidate learning. Our work enables young people to step outside their comfort zone and be challenged in a safe, supportive learning environment.

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Our Services Include


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Parents/carers employability and economic wellbeing increased through raised attainment, self esteem, confidence and financial capability, decreasing dependency culture.

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Better family life through improved communication, relationships and life skills for the whole family.

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A united community working together with a sense of belief and ownership tackling local issues and improving community relationships.

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Children/young people engaged in positive activities within the community raising self esteem, confidence and aspirations whilst developing vital life skills.

The number of young people we work with

We work with primary and secondary pupils, providing targeted, more intensive support to those most in need.

During an academic year, CHEXS provided targeted support to 182 young people referred by their school. Of those; 2 were in care, 12 were young carers and 10 had English as an additional language.

Primary referral need
Emotional wellbeing - 50%
School behaviour -

At referral stage 50% of the primary need was identified as being for emotional wellbeing ranging from lack of confidence to self - harming. 38% were identified as having poor behaviour in school.

Key Statistics
256 Families worked with in last 2 years
269 Targeted Children and Young People
293 Training for professionals

Proven Outcomes
Young people with low self-esteem, poor emotional wellbeing and/or at risk of exclusion
84% increase their self-esteem
81% increase their confidence
73% have increased aspirations for life.

Evaluation and Feedback

Evaluative questionnaires have been devised to include the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale that holds the same questions with grammar differentiated to meet the requirements of each age group to ensure consistency of results.

All children and young people complete an evaluative questionnaire at the beginning and at the end of the programme so that the distance travelled, emotional improvement and knowledge gained can be measured.

To help us understand how we can more effectively work together to support families with multiple needs, we have consulted widely with stakeholders and local families. Consultation is continuous and on-going, and we have consulted with:

Head Teachers and/or senior staff from local primary and secondary schools.
Families experiencing multiple needs.
Representatives from three Children’s Centres.
Local Food Banks.
Hertfordshire Partnership NHS. Foundation Trust.
Hertfordshire County Council.
Job Centre Plus.

The outcomes young people achieve

Young people’s self-reported outcomes

The following table is based on data collected from self-assessment questionnaires completed by 61 young people who received targeted support, rating their feelings on a scale of 1-10.

Young people reported a rating of 7 or above for self – esteem (84%). 81% reported improved confidence and feeling more sociable. Over-half (73%) of the young people reported feeling more aspirational about what they could achieve in life.

In the same self - assessment questionnaire 92% of young people felt a sense of achievement for completing the CHEXS project and 81% felt they had ownership of the project.

Written feedback captured from the self-assessment questionnaires supports the positive quantitative data analysed above. Young people commented on feeling more confident, behaving and performing better at school and knowing they have a bright future.


CVSBEH Community Skills Hub
59 High Street, Waltham Cross,
Herts. EN8 7JU
Registered Charity No: 1153769

Tel: 07970 498966

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