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CHEXS is a registered charity (Registered charity number 1153769)

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CHEXS Self Esteem Programme Overview

The Self- Esteem Programme

Individual schools do not have the time, remit or resources to devote to the overall wellbeing of their pupils. This is where CHEXS Services, with our combined knowledge and experience, can really add value.

We have developed a programme to support children and young people with emotional, social, behavioural and mental health issues. We are working on a number of model programmes that can be adapted and delivered within a range of school and community settings, either interlinked or stand-alone dependent on the need of the beneficiary.

Sessions are delivered by experienced facilitators and include topics such as self esteem, resilience, self-harm and protective behaviours.  The emphasis is on interactive, age appropriate activities designed to increase self-esteem, confidence and aspirations in the participants. Where possible, group sessions contain model children, so that children who struggle with their behaviour have role models within the group.

The aims of the Self Esteem Programme are:

  • To build children and young people’s self esteem
  • To teach children and young people to promote a positive self-image
  • For the children and young people to develop positive behaviour
  • To improve on school performance
  • For children and young people to have a better understanding of feelings and emotions
  • For children and young people to have a better understanding of how to manage those feelings
  • To develop children and young people’s concentration skills

Sessions are tailored to best meet the needs of those taking part. However, the format is based on tools, activities and techniques that have been developed by our previous experiences and in consultation with the children and young people we have worked with.

CHEXS Primary / Secondary Targeted Enrichment

Project delivery:

The projects would be delivered continuously throughout the year with new and repeated projects taking place between September – July. Many children & young people complete more than one project as this has proven to be beneficial to the individuals in the long term.

CHEXS delivers the individual projects below that have been created through partner and participant collaboration. All projects have been evaluated and show that impact/outcomes were achieved.

All coordination, evaluation and monitoring is carried out by CHEXS with projects being delivered under CHEXS insurance and policies. Policies and risk assessments that are relevant to each project are in place with staff being fully trained in all aspects of their work.


  • Mentoring (Primary)

    Children are mentored and coached by the CHEXS team to think about their goals and have the confidence to step outside of their comfort zone, helping them to achieve their personal goals. The sessions are tailored to the needs of the group with the aim to improve their aspirations and learning. CHEXS links experiences with challenges to highlight that with dedication, enthusiasm and support everybody can achieve and reach their personal goals.

  • Model Mentor Programme within Outreach Setting / Referrers Setting Enrichment (Primary & Secondary)

    This aids inclusion, support and mentoring between the different age groups, building relationships with tangible projects for the child/young person being motivated and engaged. The team take targeted secondary young people to work with primary children to create something that can be displayed within their primary school i.e. willow deer. The young people become confident mentors, taking responsibility for being positive role models and the children respond well to their leadership whilst enjoying using natural materials to create structures that can be enjoyed by the whole community.

  • Community (Primary & Secondary)

    The CHEXS team mentor young people with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties who volunteer in local community areas where they can achieve tasks and experience working as a team to enhance and develop the community areas with tangible results. Children and young people are given the opportunity to choose between areas of work and to consider how it can be developed.

  • Team Building Weeks (Secondary)

    These are residential camping experiences that aim to improve young people's self-reliance and engagement in teamwork. These weeks raise their confidence and self-esteem by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone, experience different activities and environments whilst working with individuals outside of their usual social circle which prepares them for future life situations.

  • My Life (Secondary)

    This 3 day programme educates young people about both positive and negative life choices and the consequences of their actions. The project tackles the sensitive subjects that are a part of the young person’s life and can be tailored to suit the needs of the group. Programmes include a team building activity day followed by interactive information sessions about risk taking behaviours, independent living and how to keep themselves safe. Young people gain an increased knowledge of sexual health, drugs and alcohol abuse, internet safety, relationships and financial aspects of living away from home leading to improved aspirations.

CHEXS has robust safeguarding, working practice policies and procedures in line with statutory requirements. All frontline staff and volunteers directly involved with the service are checked with the Disclosure Barring Services, are child protection trained and sign our child protection procedures prior to engagement. These are rigorously audited and reviewed by the Charities Board of Trustees.

Risk management procedures ensure that workers, volunteers and the public are properly protected with comprehensive risk assessments and policies in place. In joint initiatives, partner organisations sign up to the principles of CHEXS guidance and assessment procedures ensuring a clear understanding of expectations from all parties.

CHEXS staff and volunteers are protected and trained, with CHEXS having comprehensive and appropriate indemnity and liability cover supported by the NatWest Mentor Employment for Health and Safety, Employment Law and HR.
Numerous partners provide relevant specific expertise, resources and a platform for dissemination of services/activities; they also work in tandem to assist, advertise and deliver targeted services/activities.


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