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CHEXS is a registered charity (Registered charity number 1153769)

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Parent Support

Jo Gant CHEXS Chair

Kerry Thomas - ChExs Parents Support Worker

Throughout the academic year September 2015 – August 2016 CHEXS PSL has worked with 131 parents/carers. The chart below indicates which school the family is linked to.


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Of the 131 Families CHEXS Parent Support Lead has worked with 118 accessing Parenting support, 3 families supported in partnership with Children’s Services (CIN/CPP), 3 families were referred by Thriving Families, whilst 12 families have been supported with eCAF.


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CHART 2 above indicates that the majority of families 118 (87%) were referred to CHEXS PSL for parenting support, 12 (9%) were eCAFS, 3 (2%) supported in collaboration with Children’s Services and 3 2% in Thriving Families.


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Chart 3 above shows the primary reason families required support. Of the 131 families referred 118 required parenting support which included; parenting strategies i.e. rules, boundaries and consequences, housing support issues, financial issues. Other issues included communication breakdowns with school that need repairing, low self- esteem requiring support and encouragement and signposting to agencies such as safer Places/NCDV or courses to improve confidence to return to work or support their child/children’s learning. Behaviour at home featured highly and ties in with parenting needs.


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Chart 4 above shows that schools are the main referers to CHEXS Parenting Support with 74%, however 18% of parents are referring themselves. 7% of referrals were received from external agencies i.e. Children’s Services and Health Services.

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Throughout September 2015 – August 2016 CHEXS PSL has spent a total of 668.30 hours working with local families. Please see breakdown of minutes in Chart 5 below.

The year September 2015 – August 2016 99.9% of parents required targeted support. Targeted support includes completing referrals to specific agencies i.e. housing and financial advice/referrals, support with school communication and home/school relationship development, attending meetings with parents i.e. CAF, TAF, Child in Need and Child Protection meetings, behaviour support/strategies and ongoing support in partnership with other agencies including Children’s Services and Thriving Families over an agreed length of time. CHEXS have also worked in partnership with Foodbank to provide families with vouchers during financial difficulties. Only 1 family received universal support which might be providing information, a one off meeting/phone call/consultation or directing to specific agencies i.e. disability groups/parent support groups/CAB or Financial support agencies.

Feedback for Parent Support School Headteachers/Senco 2015-16

1. Do you think it has worked well?

Brookland Infants - I think it has been good to know that we have access to you at regular times. There have been times when we have been able to use you more effectively than at other times so it is therefore good that parents could get to see you at other schools. It has been nice to know that some parents then return to you for additional support at a later date.
Churchfield - Contact with Chexs at short notice and new referral system
Downfield - We have been very happy with our family support this year. We have been able to signpost our families to Kerry for a variety of reasons and had great support.
St Joseph’s - Absolutely wonderful on all fronts...you do an amazing job!! Our parents and children have benefitted from the services of CHEXS this year. The quick response of the team regarding parent referral, ideas and resources as well as advice for myself is very good and often a parent is seen within days after a referral.

2. Do you feel it has benefited your families?

Brookland infants - I think the families that have seen you, have all benefited from your support. There has been support with housing needs, behaviour needs, SEND support, CAB support, signposting to other services and probably a variety of other things!
Churchfield -Yes as they have an independent person to discuss any personal or school matters.
St Joseph’s - It has certainly benefited all of the families with whom you have worked...simply wish more parents would access what is available!! The support our families have received has been great. The drop ins no so successful for us , but that is because of our parents not CHEXS. It works better when we identify and refer.

3. Are you happy with the service?

Brookland Infants - The service has been effective and worthwhile. It has been good to have a service that we can offer to our parents as a support mechanism for them. Thank you!
Holdbrook – yes! Please can we carry on next year. Thanks Kerry for your work with our families.
St Joseph’s - Yes as a school I am happy with the service and feel the contact that I have had with both Kerry and Julie has been excellent, clear communication and next steps. The leaflets and activity's for parents are sent out regularly.

CHEXS Parent quotes 2015-16

"CHEXS pointed me in the right direction. It was nice to talk to someone else regarding the behavioural problems my son has."

"CHEXS has given me someone to talk to without being judged. The communication between me and my daughter has improved as a result of advice given by CHEXS. I always have someone to turn to in difficult times and help find a solution. Very supportive. ."

"What helped most was talking to someone about my sons special needs and getting advice on what help is available."

"It has changed my confidence towards dealing with my child as I know I am not alone."

"CHEXS provided emotional support, it helped knowing they are there if I need them."


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