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CHEXS is a registered charity (Registered charity number 1153769)

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Jo Gant CHEXS Chair

Julie Cottenden - Children & Young People Support Worker

Community - We aim to create a united community working together with a sense of belief and ownership tackling local issues and improving community relationships.
Homes - We want to help people have a better home life through improved communication, relationships and life skills for the whole family.
Enrichments - We engage children & young people in positive activities within the community, to help raise self-esteem, confidence and aspirations whilst developing vital life skills.
Xtra-mile - We work tirelessly to make a difference and our focus is always to put families’ and communities’ best interests at the heart of everything we do.
Support - We endeavor to ensure that CHEXS’ diligence, passion, professionalism, enthusiasm, loyalty and local knowledge provides support for all the families and local communities that we serve.


CHEXS create and deliver enrichment programmes enabling young people to take responsibility for being positive role models, accomplishing tasks through dedication and perseverance whilst increasing their future employability potential. We encourage children and young people to think positively about the community they live in, gaining an understanding and respect for their local area using the projects as a vehicle to mentor and coach the young people in essential life skills and protective behaviours talking both as a group and on a one to one basis.

Targeted Support

CHEXS individual programmes are created in collaboration with participants and partner agencies, utilising their specialist skills and knowledge to deliver specific elements with coordination, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes carried out by CHEXS. We work with families, parents, carers and a range of professionals from all agencies to enable children and young people, at risk of not achieving due to unmet needs, to have full access to opportunities to help overcome barriers to attainment, emotional and social well-being. These opportunities includes support of integrated practice and early intervention procedures with multi agency teams who are involved in Team Around the Family meetings (TAF’s) to prevent needs escalating and requiring intervention by more specialist services. Early intervention support through the Common Assessment Framework (eCAF) enables CHEXS to engage with partners to identify children and young people who would most benefit from the programmes. These services give the charity an insight into the needs of the local community.

The projects, activities and services are designed to deal with the problems related to the lower super output area the children and young people live in with high levels of unemployment linked to low levels of education and training. They have a lack of aspirations and self-belief; many growing up in a dependency culture where parents/carers do not inspire or support their children to improve their prospects due to barriers of their own. Family relationship breakdown and a lack of social and nurturing role models in their lives present as an aspect of the targeted children/young people’s lives which leads on to the tangible signs of negative behaviour.

CHEXS engages young people who are not achieving their full potential due to lack of self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone and into their learning zone in a safe, supportive environment. The children and young people projects address a whole range of concerns such as challenging behaviour, anger issues (many against authority), lack of respect for boundaries and rules, lack of communication skills, confidence, self-esteem and aspirations. Young people at risk of permanent exclusion are often referred to us as the CHEXS approach and team skill set is all inclusive of their needs.

CHEXS also works with disadvantaged groups who may be socially isolated, such as young carers or children with mental or physical disabilities, giving them the opportunity to mix with like -minded people helping alleviate the feeling of isolation. CHEXS also caters for young people who are gifted and talented through opportunities and projects that can maximise their potential and employability skills.

Enrichment Projects

CHEXS has delivered/commissioned a wide range of enrichment projects within CHEXS schools. All of these projects aim to help your pupils to raise their attainment and attendance in school through building their confidence and self-esteem and giving them an understanding of the importance of their education.

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Targeted Interventions Delivered

Below is a chart detailing the interventions delivered during 2015-2016 to the children and young people. Please note that where there multiple interventions for the same child it is due to them attending different projects during the year. Projects classified as full year are Primary Willows, Raised beds, Lee Valley and Mentoring as we work with the children/young people on multiple occasions throughout the academic year making sure that their progress is monitored to maximise on the impact.

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Referrer and Child/Young Person Outcome Feedback

Below is a chart showing the feedback received from both the referrer and the child/young person who has taken part in the project. Any boxes left blank are due to no feedback being received.

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Be Included Group

Nine pupils from CHEXS membership schools, four of whom are included in the pupils named above, also attended the CHEXS Be Included Group on a Saturday for additional activities. This is the group for children with additional needs and offers emotional and social support to both children and parents/carers.

Additional Data

Some of the referrers gave additional data with regards to issues that may cause the children and young people to need additional support however there could be more than the numbers listed below that we have not been made aware of.

Below is a summary of the data received:

Young Carers12
EAL -English as an Additional Language10
CLA - Child Looked After2
Pupil Premium Grant44

Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium - CHEXS impact / evidence pupil premium

CHEXS has effective strategies to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. There is plenty of evidence within this document that CHEXS services & activities make efficient and effective use of pupil premium (PP) funding.

CHEXS provides well-targeted support to improve attendance, behaviour and links with families where there are barriers to a pupil’s learning, minimising barriers to learning and achievement. Considering:

1. Each pupil in the context of their home circumstances, asking themselves, for example, whether they needed to work closely with parents or support parents in some way in order to ensure that the pupil could succeed in school
2. Whether poor behaviour, high exclusions or low attendance were stopping individual pupils from achieving as much as they could
3. Reflecting on ways in which they could better support older pupils to study independently outside of the school day
4. Working to improve pupils’ social and emotional skills where these were barriers to learning
5. Ensuring that low expectations were not a barrier to achievement


Ofsted - The Pupil Premium, How schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement

Toolkit of Strategies to Improve Learning – Summary for Schools, Spending the Pupil Premium www.suttontrust.com/research

Comprehensive list of Universal Enrichment Interventions:

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Analysis of Young People Undertaking Targeted Enrichment Projects

Primary Needs

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The primary needs were identified by the referrer through the referral process. One hundred and seventy seven children and young people attended CHEXS targeted enrichment projects, many completing multiple projects.

The greatest primary need identified by the referrers were emotional well-being which covers an array of issues including lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, self-harming and being a young carer. However the second highest primary needs was behaviour at school where many were also experiencing difficulties at home and would have an element of emotional well-being included.

The above data is compiled from questionnaires completed by the children and young people. The data is prepared from the number of participants completing each question.

Feeling optimistic

At the end of the project participants were asked about how they were feeling about their lives and the future below are the results.

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Participants Feeling Relaxed

The children and young people were asked whether they felt relaxed in their day to day lives, below are the results;

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Participants Problem Solving Abilities

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Participants Level of Aspirations

Participants were asked if they had a better idea of what they wanted to achieve when they left school with a higher number indicating a greater awareness, the results are shown below;

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Participants Level of Self-Esteem

Participants were asked if they felt they had raised self-esteem as a result of taking part in the CHEXS activities using a grading of 1-10, the results are shown below;

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Participants were asked if they felt more confident to try activities outside of their comfort zone as a result of taking part in the CHEXS activities using a grading of 1-10, the results are shown below;

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Communication skills

Participants were asked if they felt they had improved communication skills as a result of attending the CHEXS activities and projects. The results are shown below;

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Sense of achievement and ownership

The children and young people were asked whether they felt a sense of achievement and ownership as a result of taking part in the CHEXS activities and projects. Below are the results;

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Feedback forms were sent to all parents of the young people who took part in CHEXS projects however only 8 were returned. One parent completed only the comments section therefore the results below are from 7 parents

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Parent’s feedback from the evaluative questionnaires and verbal feedback includes:

‘Thank you once again for all you have done with XXXX over the years I truly believe it has helped him become the well rounded individual he is today. He loves spending time with you guys and comes back a happy chap from everything he does with you and CHEX’

‘Thank you very much for your email & your kind words. It is always nice to hear positive comments as all too often we hear only negative comments in connection with teenagers. XXXX does have a very caring & sensitive nature that is not often seen/recognised by many people. I hope whatever he chooses to do utilises this side of his character. Once again thank you for taking the time to send this email, it is very much appreciated & I know he had a fabulous time away.’

‘My daughter loved the project. She struggles socially and it gave her a chance to talk to her friends without it being work /school’.

‘Excellent service provided to the Children’

‘The children have enjoyed growing things so much that we are now carrying on the gardening with them at home’

Targeted Engagement Numbers

At the beginning of each academic year the school is given a pack containing all the information for the enrichments that are offered including risk assessments and enrichment descriptions. Due to the intense nature of the enrichments there is a maximum number of participants for each project. Below is a chart showing the possible number of participants and the actual number that were selected from your school.


ProjectMaximum number of students when long term impact is requiredMaximum numbers possible when students only attend one of the dates offered
Lee Valley Enrichment10 (2 teams of 5)35
Primary Enrichment10 (2 teams of 5)40
Dog Intervention412
Christmas and Easter Crafts8 students (2 per craft sessions)16
Team Building8 students (from students previously engaged with CHEXS)
Team Building Mentors2 (students previously taken part in the team building week)

The number of students that are able to attend the projects are dependent on the needs of the students and the school. It is possible for CHEXS to work with on only one occasion with the students but the impact of the project is reduced significantly as the needs of the students referred often requires them to be able to trust the CHEXS team before they will look past their barriers to learning.

Please be aware that young people can only take part in team building weeks if they have previously worked with CHEXS due to the intense nature of the project. Also some young people may have taken part in multiple projects which would reduce the number of actual participants


CHEXS’ primary aim with regards to children & young people is to engage them in positive activities within the community, to help raise self-esteem, confidence and aspirations whilst developing vital life skills. This report demonstrates that we have achieved this aim with all results showing a significant improvement in all areas alongside the children and young people voicing their own views about the benefits they have achieved through the projects and activities. The primary reason for referral was emotional well-being closely followed by school behavior confirming the need for these additional services offered to the schools where pupil premium funding targets those most in need. Results from the questionnaires show that referrers, parents and participants can recognize improvements to behavior and attitude with quantative evaluations confirming this with either improvements or high ratings in all areas. CHEXS constantly evaluate and change the projects to suit the children and young people that are referred to us, or who refer themselves, increasing the participation opportunities to continue their journey through volunteering with us on into adulthood.


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