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CHEXS is a registered charity (Registered charity number 1153769)

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Course Evaluation

Jo Gant CHEXS Chair

Linda Jeeves - CHEXS Office Manager

During the academic year of 2015-2016, CHEXS delivered a variety of courses and activities to 556 families and community members within CHEXS schools and the local area. These courses were delivered in conjunction with Hertfordshire Adult Family Learning Services (HALFS), however the vast majority of courses were delivered or commissioned via CHEXS. These courses and activities were available to all families and community members within the Cheshunt/Waltham Cross area; however, many were accessible to the greater Broxbourne community. CHEXS is in a unique position to formulate an overall analysis of all courses and activities. This approach creates a true and transparent overview of the future needs of the families and local community, therefore enabling CHEXS to offer a targeted and specific programme with support from other partner organisations for the forthcoming year!

CHEXS courses and activities were developed and advertised in line with the charities aim of ensuring ‘that children, young people, families and communities within Cheshunt and Waltham Cross have greater access to a varied range of activities and services that support their specific learning and development needs as well as improving their physical and emotional wellbeing’. The findings within this evaluation will directly influence future courses and activities.

The findings in the report below have been collated from evaluative questionnaires completed by participants on the CHEXS range of courses. All courses/activities are intended to make the participant feel a sense of achievement leading to raised confidence and enthusiasm to take part in other services and activities which further support their wellbeing, thus ensuring they are given the opportunity to enjoy family time together.

Source of course Information

CHEXS courses and activities are advertised using a variety of means and establishments. The main advertising streams are through the schools with the CHEXS course booklet which is disseminated to all of the pupils/students and their families and newsletter which is available on CHEXS website. School is the primary means of receiving the course information. A proportion of the participants from school would be via direct referrals from either school staff or the CHEXS team who have been able to target parents/carer’s for whom the courses would benefit the most.

Chart 1 below shows that the most effective method of circulating CHEXS information is through school. The information is sent home with the children advertised within the schools, via CHEXS’s Family Support – Adult/family learning flyer Sept – Dec & Jan – July, CHEXS specific course flyers. These documents are also sent electronically via parent mail and/or other modes.

Chart 1 Source of Information

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Outcome of Learners and benefits

100% of learners who attended CHEXS courses indicated that the courses have exceeded or met the learners’ needs.

Chart 2 Outcome of Learners

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Analysis of the outcome data showed that Given Confidence & Raised Self Esteem scored highly with Improved Communication also being an important outcome.

Chart 3 Benefits of attending a course

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Future course interest - Family Learning

Course participants have highlighted a variety of future potential courses they would like to undertake. The Future Course Indicator chart below clearly shows Art and Craft, Cookery/Healthy Eating, First Aid and Keep Fit all feature highly in the interest of future courses and workshops for families and the local community. This data will be used to steer CHEXS when developing future provision locally for September 2017 – August 2018 courses.

Chart 4 Future Course Indicator

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Future course interest – Parenting

As last year 2015-2016 the parenting courses of most interest to families are Understanding Children’s Behavior & Bringing up Confident Children.

Chart 5 Future Parenting Course Interest

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Adult Learning

As chart 6 below shows, Cake Decorating, First Aid, Art and Craft and Floristry/balloon Artistry are the activities that have the most interest for families and the local community.

Chart 6 Future adult learning Interest

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Children and Young People Extended Learning Opportunities

Via course evaluations parents/carers and community members have indicated that Dance and drama, Art Clubs and Homework clubs are of most interest for their children and young people as seen in Chart 7.

Chart 7 Children and Young People Extended Learning Opportunities

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Usefulness of Course

The questionnaire asked users to rate the course they attended as either very useful, quite useful or of little use. Chart 8 indicates that the majority of parents & community members/course attendees who completed this question found CHEXS courses very useful.

Chart 8 Usefulness of course

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Chart 9 Users preferred fee

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Users Preferred Fees

Users were asked to indicate how much they would be prepared to pay for CHEXS activities/sessions. The majority of users are prepared to pay up to £4.99 per activity/session which is reflected from last year.

School attendee connected to

This shows the host school and which schools the attendee is connected to as reported by learners completing the evaluation questionnaire after completing a course/activity

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The above charts indicates that the majority of attendees at primary school venues are connected to the school in which the course is held, however Children’s Centres and Secondary School courses have attendees from a variety of settings.


CHEXS has continued to engage learners from a cross section of the CHEXS schools and local community. Courses and activities being delivered within all schools affiliated to CHEXS provides a holistic support network to all the communities linked to each school benefiting the whole community both within a close proximity to each school, but also further afield within the Broxbourne area! This approach also supports the “Social Value Act”, which looks beyond the price of each individual course/activity and looks at the collective benefit to a community. For example, CHEXS Family Fun helps support children’s development and achievement whilst improving family relationships and values along with helping enable families to spend quality time together!

CHEXS has continued to stay focused on a needs led approach to introducing and developing courses and activities to support local community members. By building on the momentum of previous years and with the information compiled in this report CHEXS will be able to ensure this continues in the future.


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