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CHEXS is a registered charity (Registered charity number 1153769)

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CHEXS Integrated Support Services

CHEXS Integrated Support Services - January 2017 - July 2017

Target group/Key stage/Maximum Number:

CHEXS’ Integrated support service aims to enable schools to support pupils and their families through using the eCAF assessment tool.

Target group/Key stage/Maximum Number:

CHEXS supports the Early Help Module (EHM) process at the request of the school to fit in with the school/family availability.
CHEXS provides on-going information and advice to support the EHMprocess.

What we plan to do?

  • Undertake or coordinate Families First Assessment of children and family’ needs
  • Contribution to and attendance at TAF where appropriate.
  • Will undertake the Key Worker role where this is appropriate


The EHM process allows practitioners to gain a comprehensive understanding of a family by assessing:
The impact of wider family and environment factors. This includes how families function andinteract, wider family members, financial and housing situations, the community in which they live, and access to local services.
1. The development needs of children. Developing milestones that are appropriate, such as walking, speech and language, reading, etc
2. The individual needs of the adult
3. Parenting capacity – the skills and confidence of a parent in parenting their children.
4. Issues that affect several family members, rather than just one individual, such as relationships or financial difficulties.
All these issues impact on the educational achievement of a child/young person and the Families First Assessment is able to identify where the support is most needed.

Benefits of a FFA

  • It helps to identify support that can work for the whole family, rather than just individuals
  • It encourages early intervention, reducing the risk of a situation developing into a crisis
  • It identifies gaps in support, as well as additional needs that have prevented families from engaging with support in the past.
  • It supports integrated ways of working across child and adult services and will reduce duplication of work.

Who can complete a FFA

Anyone working with children and families can and should initiate a FFA where potential additional needs are identified.
Person initiating the FFA needs to be registered with EHM in order to access the system for the notes. See referral process.
To initiate a FFA to be authored by CHEXS please see the referal guide attached.

Key Worker

A Key Worker is someone who coordinates the provision of support.
A Key Worker also acts as a single point of contact with the whole family when a range of services are involved and a multi-agency response is required.
The key worker is not a job title or a new role, but a set of functions to be carried out as part of the delivery of support. These functions are:

  • To act as a single point of contact for the child or family, someone they can trust who can engage them in making choices, helping them to navigate their way through the system and effect change.
  • To coordinate the delivery of actions agreed by the practitioners involved, to ensure that families receive an effective service which is regularly reviewed. These actions will be based on the outcome of the FFA and recorded in Delivery Plans and Reviews (DPRs).
  • To reduce overlap and inconsistencies in the services received by using an agreed set of actions to deliver support. These actions should be reviewed and monitored regularly.
  • To lead the Team around the Family (TAF). This will include: managing case information on the EHM system, working with TAF members, setting the agenda for TAF meetings, and ensuring that actions are completed on time and updated on the system regularly.

FFA Support Required For children/young people in the below categories;

Emerging Needs – requiring additional support

Services work together to meet child and family needs, co-ordinated by a service that knows the child/family best. Services decide whether intervention is single or multi- agency. Fortnightly contact with family to monitor progression.

Assessment Tool


Children and families with additional needs who would benefit from, or who require extra help to improve education, parenting and/or behaviour, or meet specific health or emotional needs or to improve situations in the short term

Families First Assessment. If multi-agency, a Lead Practitioner is needed to coordinate support through Team Around the Family (TAF)


The life chances of children and families will be improved by offering additional support.
Children and young people are supported by their family with additional support in the short term
Families engage on a voluntary basis.

Targeted Needs – additional and complex needs requiring multi-agency support

Two or more services work together to meet the child, young person and family’s needs to be coordinated by a team or service. Contact with family to monitor progress should be weekly.

Assessment Tool


Vulnerable children and their families with additional needs or whose needs are more complex, such as children and families who:Have a disability

  • Some anti-social or challenging behaviour
  • Some evidence of neglect or poor family relationships
  • Parental substance misuse or mental health issues
  • Evidence of domestic abuse
  • Children missing from home or school
  • Have poor engagement with key services such as school and health
  • Poor school attendance
  • Are at risk of being NEET or out of long term work

Families First Assessment. A Lead Practitioner will co-ordinate support through a Team Around the Family (TAF)


Life chances will be significantly impaired without coordinated multi-agency support.
Children and young people are supported by their family with additional support in the medium term.
Families engage on a voluntary basis and services are provided on a voluntary basis.

CHEXS Referral Process

  • Contact CHEXS Children and Young People Support Lead to advise of required FFA support
  • FFA referral form will be sent for completion
  • School to contact family to complete family details and advise that CHEXS will be contacting them (Families will rarely engage without prior notice of contact)
  • FFA referral form returned to CHEXS
  • CHEXS will register FFA and contact family to arrange a meeting to complete the FFA
  • CHEXS will complete the FFA with the family, send the draft to the family and once returned will finalise the FFA ready for the Team Around the Family (TAF) meeting to be held.
  • CHEXS will contact school to arrange a date to hold the TAF.
  • CHEXS will provide administrative support and coordination support at the TAF meeting
  • Key Worker will be allocated at the TAF dependent on most appropriate agency
  • CHEXS will provide on-going support with the FFA as required


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