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CHEXS is a registered charity (Registered charity number 1153769)

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Pete Maiden - CHEXS Chief Executive Officer

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Pete’s Role

With responsibility for strategic direction and leadership, Pete is committed to the values that underpin the work of CHEXS and strives to help support families and the local community! Pete has a passion for delivering high quality services and developing needs led programmes that support and bring together families and local communities! This involves looking beyond formal educational structures and looking at what is required to facilitate strong family relationships and enable families to interact and become involved with the wider community. These include enrichment projects for Children & Young People both supporting their learning and development but also producing a wider benefit to the whole community! Pete has a clear understanding of the current challenges facing families and local community and is constantly exploring potential new collaborations across the public, voluntary and private sectors to enable families to source the support they need. Please contact Pete if you require support or information.

Tel: 07974 262875

Julie Cottenden - CHEXS Children & Young People Support Worker

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Julie’s Role

Throughout a child/young person’s life there will be up’s and down’s that as parents we all worry about. Usually these are phases that pass by without due concern and we put it down to growing up! Sometimes however the child or young person needs extra support to cope with the difficulties life is throwing at them or to cope with how they feel about themselves and this is where Julie’s role comes in. Julie is able to identify the extra support that your child or young person needs through the completion of the Common Assessment Framework (ECAF) that is completed by parents, child/young person and the professional you feel most comfortable with, meaning you are always involved in the decisions that affect you and your family. Once the assessment is completed and actions identified, regular Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings are held to ensure that the support offered to your child/young person is provided in the right way and making good progress. Julie also creates projects that help and support children/young people from our area enabling them to gain knowledge and experience through avenues outside of the education system hence meeting their more targeted needs. This gives the CHEXS team more time to get to know the children/young people and their families so that trust and familiarity can be earned and more in-depth support offered. Please contact Julie or a member of your school if you require support or information.

Tel: 07792 842516

Kerry Thomas - CHEXS Parent Support Worker

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Kerry’s Role

Kerry aims to provide caring informal one to one support to parents/carers offering help with bullying; managing behaviour, divorce and separation, loss and bereavement, financial and/or housing concerns, family issues, issues around smoking/drugs/alcohol, concerns around abusive relationships and support for families with children with additional needs. CHEXS can provide guidance and information of both statutory and voluntary services as well as being “someone to talk to.” Kerry often attends eCAF/Team around the Family and Child Protection/Child In Need meetings with families.

Targeted Parenting workshops are available delivered via external agencies whilst the CHEXS team provide parenting workshops tailored to the specific need of the school /parents i.e. anger management, developing confidence in children and communication with teenagers. The parenting workshops provide insights and strategies for parents dealing with the many issues surrounding children and young people. Kerry also offers transition support for parents to allay their fears and can make accompanied visits to secondary and special schools with parents who have specific concerns for their child.

In addition Kerry can attend school meetings with parents and provides CHEXS “Drop In” sessions throughout consortia primary & secondary schools to enable parents/carers to meet with the CHEXS team and discover the services, activities and information available to support their family. Please contact Kerry or a member of your school if you require support or information.

Tel: 07792 842587

Linda Jeeves - CHEXS Office Manager

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Linda's Role

My role as CHEXS Office Manager is to provide administrative support including database management, Finance and Health and Safety. I also provide administrative support for the whole team and help co-ordinate events and PR. I assist with CHEXS events such as our Grow Club Day, Easter crafts and community days. I am the contact if you would like to be volunteer as well as dealing with general enquires that we receive either by face to face, phone or email. If you need to contact CHEXS, I will always be happy to help.

Tel: 07970 498966

Karen Morley-Hayes - CHEXS Outreach Worker

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Karen's Role

Our Outreach Workers provide and deliver targeted programmes of enrichment activities being a positive role model to the children and young people we work with.

Tel: 07494 972994

Daniella Bavetta - CHEXS Outreach Worker

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Daniella's Role

Our Outreach Workers provide and deliver targeted programmes of enrichment activities being a positive role model to the children and young people we work with.

Tel: 07757 754029

Joshua Gorton - Communication and Media

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Hayley Clyne - Autism Support Worker

Hayley's Role

My name is Hayley Clyne, I am the autism support worker for DSPL4. I provide support and advice to parents or carers of children with autism or awaiting a diagnosis of autism, via telephone consultations, home visit, professional meetings or email.  Working with families and schools across the Borough of Broxbourne, between the ages of 0 - 25.

The advice and support will help with behaviour, sensory differences, routine, structure, meltdowns, assessing local services, school support, social activities, training, preparing for next steps, signposting, support groups, information, developments in the area and access to helpful resources.

Tel: 07702 897584
Tel: 01992 303331 option 5


Other DSPL4 Contacts

Claire Hallett (DSPL4 Development Manager)

Sue Camp (Headteacher Forres School, DSPL4 lead)

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